Prestige Mexico has been the provider of products and services for the market of accessories of the auto trading industry during the last 26 years and recently has penetrated the construction market as provider of doors and architectonical windows. Our products arrive to these markets in several countries and we attend different kinds of clients, depending on their particular needs of our products.

Windows for PICK-UP

Since 1974, Prestige Mexico has been promoting this products line through distributors carefully selected to offer our clients and answer to their needs regarding their need of windows for pick-ups. Our distributors have a local inventory that is sufficient to an immediate delivery and may offer you technical assistance in the installation and application of the product. We offer our distributors all the support needed so they can reach a competitive utility margin in the market. “Total support to our distributors, we do not compete with our clients”, a policy we have kept since 1974.


The producers of glass fiber sheds demand a large variety of doors and windows in standard measurements or draws according to their own specifications. We work together to provide side windows, front windows and back doors they need, both in standard measurements or following their own especial specifications.


We are providers of companies that produce for buses. Our experienced specialists in sells and draw engineers work together with the bus producers, urban or interstate, providing technical assistance to produce the window they specifically require for their buses. Using high technology equipment to accomplish specifications of the most exact form, we provide these buses producers windows that permit an easy, fast and economic installation. So it’s not needed additional tools nor other materials to install our products.


Construction companies, hotels and residential development offices are our typical clients in this product line. We provide doors and windows in a large variety of measurement standard with an aesthetic finishing touch and very pleasant appearance, and a fast and sensible installation system.