Quality windows and doors is top priority on PrestigeMex. We are compromised to deliver products with high levels to satisfy our customer needs.


Quality has a high precedence in Prestige Mexico. To reach high levels regarding quality in our products, we take seriously a continuous quality improvement program and we are working to obtain the ISO/QS-9000 certification. With the counsel of professional consultants, we are implementing this program in all our divisions.

Our quality programs include the following specific actions:
  • Documentation
  • Quality Manuals Development
  • Procedures Description
  • Procedures Implementation
  • Internal and External Audit
  • Corrective Actions
  • Quality Programs Update
This quality program guarantee that the whole organization is dedicated to keep appropriate quality levels, including the high management, engineering and drawing, purchases, logistics, manufacture, proofs, audit, corrections, warehouse, distribution, post-sell services and statistical control.

We know the people of our company still are the key element to reach excellence levels in quality. Every employee receive continuous training regarding quality and manufacture processes to improve the efficiency levels in their work areas.

In Prestige Mexico, we are all compromised with quality. We wish to remain your preferred provider.